So here’s the beggin’ for money page, but we aren’t really begging.

If you’d like to donate to the show for things like better equipment and improving the site, just click the donate button.

If you’d like us to read something from you on the air – anything you want to say or promote, plug your tournament, your gaming group, or just call out your fellow gamers with some good old smack talk, it must be somewhat brief and not wildly inappropriate (and we’re the final judges of that). We’ll read it out during the show with all the nerdy, drama-lovin’ feeling it deserves.  The minimum amount to sponsor a show is $10.00 US. Just click on the donate button and make your donation. Then, drop us an email at and include the email address and name attached to the donation along with the wonderful bit of prose you would like us to read on the air.

Seriously. We’re going to keep on pumping out the best shows we can twice a month and those will always remain free. However, if you want to help the show that’s FANTASTIC!!!

Think about it…this is the internet. You can promote your group, or slam them and everyone on the planet can hear it. (But only if they listen. We’re not going up and down the streets banging on doors to inform everyone. That’s crazy. For ten dollars? Are you nuts?)

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