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So in this episode we do the end of rear review. You know, since it’s the last episode of the year we traditionally do our Christmas episode as a year in review. At the end of the year, where it belongs. Anyway, with GW ramping up production to absurd levels, we ditched the top three/bottom three that we normally do. That was great when there were maybe three books and some new models. But now…that just doesn’t cut it. So here we are, with special guest Roder, covering all the cool stuff from GW this year. Because of that rapid release schedule, we decided to do several top threes. We still have the generic top three and bottom three, but we also added top three battletomes (well, books actually) and top three models. We severely bend the rules but this isn’t anything that needs strict rules, just fun.


Show Index – No show index this episode guys. I’m so sorry but I just don’t have the energy to finish this.

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