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So in this episode I’m joined by Tyler Mengel of Mengel Miniatures and we discuss The Realmgate Wars: Balance of Power in full Garagehammer detail.

We really have fun with this. We both love the stories in the Warhammer universe so the conversation often strays into other books and story supplements. I really enjoyed bringing this one to you. I’m sorry it’s late, but I’ve had to live life and all, and Tyler and I have been recording this over several days on his lunch break so we did what we could.

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Show Index

0:00:00-0:12:15 – Opening and hello and discussion of what’s to come

0:12:15-0:14:50 – Dramatic Reading

0:14:50-0:57:35 – Ghyran’s Last Hope

0:57:35-0:59:15 – Commercial Break One

0:59:15-1:28:30 – Of Oaths and Fire

1:28:30-1:29:30 – Commercial Break Two

1:29:30-2:12:55 – When Cometh Death

2:12:55-2:14:45 – Another Dramatic Reading

2:14:45-2:48:15 – Wrath Unbound

2:48:15-2:49:15 – Commercial Break Three

2:49:15-3:43:30 – Absolute Carnage

3:43:30-3:44:35 – Commercial Break Four

3:44:35-4:14:20 – The War of Lost Time

4:14:20-4:25:20 – Some talk about the worldwide campaign and show close

4:25:23-4:27:30 – Final Dramatic Reading


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