Episode 140 – Tournament AoS

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So on this episode I’m joined by Stephen Herner, Greg Person, Romeo Filip and Alex Gonzales. This is a pretty packed episode and it goes on for a while but there’s stuff here for everyone. We start with Herner and I going over the latest news and rumors and the new awesome deals being offered by GW, (and of course the day after we record the super rumors of various and sundry cuts in different lines hit so we can’t talk about that until next time…) and we talk toolbox as usual. After that we talk a little about what it was like to run Holy Wars, to have Beasts of War there covering it, and what the future holds for Holy Wars.

After that Greg Person is on and he talks about his first tournament experience with AoS. He’s got some interesting insights and notices some differences between tournaments in the Northeast and the Midwest. He’s got some mixed feelings about some of the scenarios and doesn’t know how he feels about AoS as a tournament game, but also admits there are a lot of factors that contributed to that…just listen and you’ll hear it all.

Next up is Romeo Filip from Battlefoam. Even though the original idea was to have him on to tell us all what he will be featuring at his booth at Adrpticon, but it really winds up going all over the place. We do have a really cool conversation about Kickstarters when I ask him about how nerve-wracking it is to run one. If you’ve ever wanted the inside scoop on what it takes to stage a successful kickstarter this segment is full of great information. Seriously, this is one of my favorite segments in a long time and it wasn’t about anything I’d actually planned to talk about. So much cool and interesting information. After that, Romeo has a special announcement that you are hearing here on Garagehammer FIRST! That’s right, a Garagehammer EXCLUSIVE from Romeo.

Finally, we have Alex Gonazales on and he talks about his time at Holy Wars, what’s coming up at Adepticon, and then his plans as the TO of the AoS GT at Blood in the Sun.

This is a jam packed episode full of tourney talk and other stuff. It’s all over the place at times but I think there’s a lot of cool things here if tourney talk or industry talk about building and promoting your miniatures game interests you.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:15:00 – Welcome, show open, and Cranky’s voice mails
0:15:00-0:15:50 – Commercial Break One
0:15:50-1:02:20 – News and Rumors, The Toolbox and some post-Holy Wars chat with Steve Herner
1:02:20-1:03:45 – Commercial Break Two
1:03:45-1:33:10 – Greg Person talks about his first AoS tournament
1:33:10-1:34:15 – Commercial Break Three
1:34:15-1:54:15 – Romeo Filip talks Battlefoam, WWX and what it takes to do a Kickstarter
1:54:15-1:54:50 – Unintentional Interlude
1:54:50-2:33:50 – Romeo Filip continued
2:33:50-2:34:55 – Commercial Break Four
2:34:55-3:27:00 – Alex Gonzales talks Holy Wars, Adepticon, and Blood in the Sun
3:27:00-3:30:30 – Show close and end of show announcement

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