Episode 332 – Hobby, Questions, and Much Thanks

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So a couple of months ago, I asked everyone to consider donating to fund the wargaming club that I sponsor at my school as a sort of “Birthday FUNdraiser!” I told everyone that if they donated, they would get some thank you gifts from the show and its sponsors. I didn’t know what to expect, but I hoped it would be cool. Well, you guys didn’t disappoint. And to thank you guys even more, there are some surprise random extras going in a bunch of thank yous, because you guys really stepped up, and the show, and especially the sponsors stepped up as well. There are some cool things from the GH prize closet, and a huge combi-gift from a bunch of sponsors and friends of the show for one lucky donor. Because you guys are the best.

But that is not the main part of the show. We are joined by Kevin Jacobi from 6 Squared Studios and we have a toolbox segment that truly plumbs the far corners of the tool box because there’s a bunch of variety in our discussion. After that we answer listener questions (thanks to everyone who sent in a question or three) and we wrap up with some talk about Steve Herner’s hobby event, Holy Wars!

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