Episode 330 – The Old World – Bretonnia

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So January is coming to a close and so is Old World month. That doesn’t mean that this is the end of our Old World coverage. That just means that our next episode will actually be about Age of Sigmar, and it’s going to be awesome. But there will be Old World coverage whenever there is a lull in AoS releases, and if there isn’t a lull, then you guys are going to have to put up with me releasing a bunch of Garagegamer episodes because this game is too good to ignore. I’m not giving up AoS. I love the mortal realms and I think AoS is a fantastic game. This rules set, though…it’s so good that I’m going to play and enjoy my time in the world that was, the old world. It’s just too much fun not to play. So as far as I can see, we will be covering AoS AND TOW.

Either way, if you’ve been playing since 5th edition WHFB or you just got into AoS last year, this is going to make you want to play, or at least buy a rulebook and get reading!

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