Episode 329C – The Old World – Advanced Rules

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So January is Old World Month! And with so much of The Old World to cover, here is Episode 329C.

That’s right…part C. The third installment of us covering the BRB! THE BIG RULE BOOK! The Old World BRB is gorgeous, enormous, and just the right amount of crunchiness to make you want to play on square bases again.

329C covers everything after the Basic Rules. That includes all the universal special rules (if you never played WHFB, special rules on your unit’s warscroll was rare. Everyone just used the universal rules), formations, command units (champion, standard bearer, musician), characters, weapon types, and magic lores.

If you never played Warhammer Fantasy Battles, if you came to Warhammer during the Age of Sigmar, then this will be a very different rules set than you are used to. But trust me, this is an amazing rules set. If you remember battling in the World that Was, back when it was just called The Warhammer World, then you’re going to be excited how much they captured the essence of WHFB while improving on it in so many ways.

Either way, if you’ve been playing since 5th edition WHFB or you just got into AoS last year, this is going to make you want to play, or at least buy a rulebook and get reading!

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