Episode 321 – Dawnbringers II – Reign of the Beast

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So this episode we cover the new Dawnbringers book from start to finish. This latest installment in the series sees the twin crusades heading out from their homes and beginning the trek to what Sigmar hopes will be two new bastions of order to aid in taking back the wilderness. If you’re thinking they’re going to coast through, crushing any and all resistance in a race to make their settlement first…well…hmmmmm.


Show Index

Show opening and welcome 0:00:00-0:08:20

Commercial Break One 0:08:20-0:09:35

The Aqshyan Crusade – 0:09:35-0:57:55

Commercial Break Two – 0:57:55-0:59:30

The Ghyran Crusade (and “also rans”) – 0:59:30-1:53:30

Commercial Break Three – 1:53:30-1:54:45

Rules! – 1:54:45-2:43:00

Show Wrap-Up and Close – 2:43:00-2:45:00

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