Episode 320 – Cities of Sigmar Lore and War

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So this episode we cover the new Cities of Sigmar book from start to finish. It is a brilliant new take on the armies of the Cities of Sigmar. The new models are gorgeous, the lore is fantastic, and the army operates like a regimented force. The Duardin and Aelves, unfortunately, leave something to be desired for me, but Chris tries to sell me on it. This is a long one, but we cover all that new lore, and all those new rules, and some super cool warscrolls.

This episode also presents you with the Letters of Edmeera, so stay with through the end. The tale of setting off and founding a new settlement is compelling, and runs throughout the entire battletome.

Show Index

Show opening and welcome 0:00:00-0:17:30

Commercial Break One 0:17:30-0:18:30

Cities of Sigmar Lore Part One – 0:18:30-0:34:25

Letters from Edmeera Part One – 0:34:25-0:35:50

Cities of Sigmar Lore Part Two – 0:35:50-0:48:35

Letters from Edmeera Part Two – 0:48:35-0:51:45

Cities of Sigmar Lore Part Three -5-1:33:15

Commercial Break Two – 1:33:15-1:34:30

Cities of SIgmar Lore Part Four – 1:34:30-1:57:30

Cities of Sigmar War Part One – 1:57:30-2:11:15

Letters from Edmeera Part Three – 2:11:!5-2:15:25

Cities Of Sigmar War Part Two – 2:15:25-3:04:55

Letters from Edmeera Part Four – 3:04:05-3:07:35

Cities of Sigmar War Part Three – 3:07:35-3:49:45

Commercial Break Three – 3:49:45-3:51:15

Cities of Sigmar War Part Four – 3:51:15-4:38:30

Show Wrap-Up and Close – 4:38:30-4:42:55

Letters from Edmeera Finale – 4:22:55-4:48:00

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