Episode 318 – For Glory and Hobby!

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So this was supposed to be a hobby episode. Maybe 90 minutes..

Then I was like “We need to talk about Path to Glory and that will go with the hobby because that’s narrative play and it’s a part of the hobby we never talk about so let’s add that and then we can talk about when we did mighty empires because that was like the wild west compared to what the current PTG is and that will be enough to make certain the episode is long enough with real content and not just the toolbox because that never feels like a legit show to me,” and then I realized that was a really long sentence and then I realized I didn’t care. Then in the middle of the toolbox Chris brings up the list of models going into retirement and that lead to other conversations and the next thing you know the show was way too long. But we had fun and lost track of time because that is what happens when you are just talking about everything and anything.

I hope you guys like this one because I feel this is the format that is closest to what Barnette and Harrison and I used to do before we started the show. After 13 full years, and the last two or three being review after review after review, it was so much fun to do this. Please let me know what you think of this one because if it’s popular we may have to do it more often even if it means an extra episode here and there.


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