Episode 317 – Harbingers (Dawnbringers Book One)

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So this is going to be awesome! This episode we cover Harbingers, the first book in the Dawnbringers storyline. That’s right! It’s been about three years since the Broken Realms storyline was released. And here we are watching the storyline move forward again! I’m excited to see where the story goes and I hope you are excited as well. This episode is not only covering the forward movement of the story, but it’s introducing some new characters and new heroes for the factions involved in this story. This is so fantastic. You are going to love this one! Also, this episode has a bunch of dramatic readings of flavor texts so keep listening until the every end because there are like, eight of them. I may have gone overboard. What can I say? I was feeling ambitious and having fun and that’s why it’s a day late. We recorded this on 8 July and I was certain I’d have it out on time. Then I started fiddling with everything. So I hope you enjoy this one because, if history is any guide, there will be three to four more books in the series and if they stay at this level it’s going to be pretty fantastic!


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