Episode 310 – Slaves to Darkness Lore

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So this episode we discuss the lore for Slaves to Darkness. It’s not a long episode, but it’s a great episode. We really get into the lore and how cool it is and how it’s not only much more than crazy barbarians, but there is a lot of new cool bits to the lore that show that it’s not just a faceless hive mind of steel clad murderers.

OK, so I know this is WAY shorter than the usual, but guys I just had surgery less than a week ago and I can’t pull the marathon just yet.
HOWEVER! We will be doing a bonus episode soon about Chris’s Acon adventure. Next episode will be Slaves to Darkness WAR. It will probably be long because there’s a LOT of stuff, but I may break it into two parts released a day or two apart. Sorry if it takes a while to get back to the marathons. I don’t know how long it will be until I’m back to full , but the show will continue! Maybe just in tinier bites.


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