Episode 308 – Hobby Time 2023

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So this is, as it’s called, a hobby episode. So I keep getting requests for these episodes and I always feel like we are just running over the same ground. But we keep getting requests, and so we are doing it. But while I was putting the show together, I was realizing that we spent about two hours just literally talking about our hobby. Not only what we are doing, but what we want to do, and as Chris mentioned several times, our plans for playing the game. This is an episode that is just us sitting around and blathering on about what we love in the game right now. And then I realized, this is what you tools who like these episodes keep saying you like about them. It’s just a general conversation like the ones you have with your own gaming group. Sometimes it’s just fun to sit around and discuss the previews and the trends in rules and what kind of games you want to try next. So that’s what this is.


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