So today marks the return of Garagegamer! That’s right, a bonus episode of the show that is NOT Warhammer-centric.

Today I am joined by Kevin Jacobi )from Six Squared Studios) and Harrison as we talk about all the fun we had during the first day of GenCon!

We decided that we would record for a bit at the end of each of the first three nights of GenCon because recording a wrap-up after we get home is never as good as the daily wrap up. We do so much every year and never quite get to convey all the cool stuff we did because we just forget some of it. I mean, there’s stuff we forgot to talk about on all three of these episodes (the next two will be up in a few days) and we still were excited and covering a lot of stuff.

This is a bonus episode (hence the title Garagegamer instead of Garageghammer) and we hope you enjoy it. I am hoping to keep these going every once in a while so if you like it and want to hear more please let me know!