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So today we talk about the new GHB!!!!!

I am super sorry about the delay and then having two episodes come out one after another. We are still working through the new equipment and the issues were still kinda plaguing us when this was recorded, so even though at the beginning we were saying this episode would be raw with not music and live read commercials, I got my computer back the day after we recorded this, Several days earlier than expected! So you get music and commercials and stuff. Hope you enjoy it! Chris and I touch on the new stuff in the GHB and what we think about how fun or…not so actually much fun, the new things are, or seem, because I don’t play enough to really know. But we have a good time and I think we came out sounding ok and having a good time once we got past the start of the show and weren’t that nervous about it. But I don’t have the show index at the bottom of this. Sorry!


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