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So today we talk about the rules for the Daughters of Khaine and all the things they can do.

I am super sorry aboutthe delay and then having two episodes come out on consecutive days, (the GHB episode drops tomorrow!) but technical difficulties cost me weeks and I am only now getting my computer and recording equipment up and running properly. This is a great episode. I’m just sorry it’s about three weeks late!


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Show index

Show intro and welcome 0:00:00-0:18:00

Break One 0:18:00-0:19:15

DoK WAR begins 0:19:15-1:25:25

Break Two 1:25:25-1:26:55

DoK WAR Continues 1:26:55-2:28:00

Break Three 2:28:00-2:29:25

DoK Lore Conclusion 2:29:25-2:41:20

Show wrap and close 2:41:20-2:46:00