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So today we are going to talk Deepkin rules and we hope you enjoy the way we tried approaching it this time. Look, we know that we aren’t considered the place to come for tactics and meta strategies. But we like to play and we like to look at the rules and see what cool things you might be able to do. So that’s what we do and that’s what we are going to keep doing. We cover the unit’s lore, go over some rules, decide if the rules fit the lore (and they better!) and then see what you might be able to do with them.

This time, after covering the army-wide rules, we decided to cover a small group of units, then read the special stuff that pertains to them. That way you get all the stuff in groups that go together and make sense. Then WE get to dream about the possible crazy combos we can deliver with those units.

We hope you like the way we did this because it certainly got US hyped for this army.


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Deepkin WAR conclusion 1:48:10-2:44:05

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