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So today we talk Fyreslayers! All the Lore! All the rules! All the sameness! Also, we get a little passionate about some things during the episode. So…you know. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s just us going over a book we want to love so badly we can taste the Ur Gold.


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Show index

0:00:00-0:08:10 – Welcome and Intro and calls

0:08:10-0:09:20 – Commercial Break One

0:09:20-0:51:45 – Fyreslayers Lore

0:51:45-0:53:20 – Commercial Break Two

0:53:20-2:11:55 – Fyreslayers Lore continued

2:11:55-2:13:20 – Commercial Break Three

2:13:20-3:15:30 – Fyreslayers War

3:15:30-3:18:00 – Show wrap up and close