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So today we hit the voicemail, the toolbox, and finally spend a whole lot of time talking about one of the greatest characters in Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar. One of the ONLY characters to come from the World that Was who isn’t a god. The oldest of the old campaigners, Gotrek Gurnisson.

That’s right. Gotrek Gurnisson is a show favorite character and as we have a week between battletomes, which is rare these days, so we said, what can we talk about? And we weren’t certain, but then when we started asking “Well, what CAN we talk about? What HAVEN’T we talked about? What type of lore can we cover that needs, deserves, and hasn’t gotten its own show? Well, as you can hear, we can talk about Gotrek quite a bit and we still gloss over so much of the total recorded lore of the greatest (or worst depending on your point of view) Dwarf Slayer ever to traverse the World that Was.


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