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So today Chris and I are bringing you the first War episode for the Stormcast Eternals. Yes, the first part, because it take a whole flipping episode just to cover the Lords and Heroes! That’s right, we cover the basic army rules and then jump into the OVER THREE DOZEN LEADERS in this battletome. There are more leaders in SCE than total units for some other books, so we had to split this up for sanity’s sake. \

We are trying something new with the WAR segment, both in the order we cover things and the basic focus of the episode. We hope you like it and welcome your feedback.


Show index

Intro and welcome 0:00:00-0:08:25

Commercial Break One 0:08:25-0:09:35

Stormcast Lords and Heroes part one 0:09:35-0:56:10

Commercial Break Two 0:56:10-0:57:35

Stormcast Lords and Heroes part two 0:57:35-1:46:00

Commercial Break Three 1:46:00-1:47:15

Stormcast Lords and Heroes part three 1:47:15-2:20:30

Contest Talk and Show Wrap up 2:20:30-2:24:30

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