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So I need to start by apologizing to everyone. This was originally planned to be a bonus episode in addition to the two “regular” GH episodes we do every month. Unfortunately, my basement flooded and the “recording studio” was under water and I got it under control but after having to toss a ton of stuff and replace a sump pump and dry out the crypt I just ran out of time to record the FAQ episode with Chris. So what was going to be a bonus episode became the regular episode and I am recording the regular episode hopefully tomorrow. I think I have everything to the point where it will legit be back to normal at least for the show.

But this would have been GarageWorld 2 (and I will post it on the Patron only feed as well) which we decided to drop on the regular feed so people can get a taste of what we do (see what I did there?) on Garageworld. If you like it, and want to hear more of it, you can go to patreon.com/garagehammer and pledge at the “Tabletop Standard” level to receive the URL for new episodes of GarageWorld. I think it’s fun and Heather and I enjoy doing it so I think we will keep this up for a while.

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