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So I open the show with myself and Lindsay, and after the welcome and the basic business, I welcome to the show mine and Harrison’s friend Jerry! He’s a Slaanesh player and loves to talk about the god of excess, plus he lives nearby so we got to record together (with proper social distancing) in the same location so the sound quality is pretty darn good!

Next up, Daughters of Khaine. Yes, right away. Lore and war whether I get it or not! THE GARAGEHAMMER WAY!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:06:45 – Welcome and Opening

0:06:45-0:07:40 – Commercial Break One

0:07:40-0:48:55 – Hedonites Lore beginning

0:48:55-0:51:15 – First Dramatic Reading

0:51:15-1:39:05 – Hedonites Lore continued

1:39:05-1:40:35 – Commercial Break Two

1:40:35-2:00:35 – Hedonites Lore concluded

2:00:35-2:43:15 – Hedonites WAR

2:43:15-2:46:45 – Second Dramatic Reading

2:46:45-3:23:00 – Hedonites War Continued

3:23:00-3:24:15 – Commercial Break Three

3:24:15-3:40:30 – We write lists and ask questions about the rules we don’t understand

3:40:30-3:42:00 – Wrap up and Show close

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