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So in this episode we cover Wrath of the Everchosen. The book is almost a year old and we should have covered it a long time ago. The events in this book are fantastic and they are part of the unfolding event in the Age of Sigmar. In fact, these are important events in the lead up to Morathi, so I wish we would have covered this earlier.


Show Notes

0:00:00-0:18:30 – Intro and welcome

0:18:30-0:19:20 – Break One

0:19:20-0:48:10 – Lore of the Everchosen

0:48:10-0:49:15 – Break Two

0:49:15-1:18:30 – More Lore of the Everchosen

1:18:30-1:19:55 – Break Three

1:19:55-1:48:30 – Some of the cool rules you can use now

1:48:30-1:58:00 – Alex’s Goodbye, wrap up and show close

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