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So in this episode we decided to talk about The World That Was. So often we hear people saying they didn’t get into Warhammer until AOS dropped. So we thought it might be interesting to look at some of the characters that survived the end of their world and wound up in the mortal realms. Originally we planned to do it as small segments and look at one character at a time. Then an amazing thing happened…I realized Alex is practically an encyclopedia of The World That Was. So instead of talking about a character here and there, we are getting the first part of a greater history lesson about The World That Was and the stories behind the beings who managed to make it to the mortal realms.

It’s a sprawling tale, and in this episode we brought you up to about the time the original Warhammer Fantasy Battles game would be set. There’s so much more after that, but that will be for a future episode.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:08:20 – Show intro and welcome

0:08:20-0:09:25 – Commercial break one

0:09:25-0:30:00 – The Toolbox

0:30:00-0:46:50 – The Path to Glory Minigame!

0:46:50-0:51:00 – Commercial Break Two

0:51:00-1:51:40 –The History of The World That Was

1:51:40-1:52:55 – Commercial Break Three

1:52:55-2:17:00 – The continuing History of The World That Was

2:17:00-2:27:00 – Show wrap up and close and clip

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