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So here is the second half of our review of Battletome Skaven. After all the discussion on the history of the Skaven and their insane society, we now get into the nuts and bolts of running a Skaven army. All the bits and pieces are here (and there seem to be as many of them as there are Skaven in the eight realms) and we discuss them and how you can use them to bring glory to the Great Horned Rat.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:10:10 – Intro and welcome

0:00:00-0:54:40 – Allegiance Abilities, Command Traits, Spells, and Artifacts

0:54:40-0:57:25 – Reading 1

0:57:25-1:27:30 – Gnawholes, Thanquol, and the Vermin Lords

1:27:30-1:30:15 – Reading 2

1:30:15-2:05:30 – Grey Seers to Weapons Teams

2:05:30-2:06:55 – Commercial Break 3

2:06:55-2:55:15 – Plague Monks to Endless Spells

2:55:15-2:57:45 – Reading 3

2:57:45-3:30:00 – Battalions and Alex’s Advice

3:30:00-3:33:00 – Wrap up, close, end of show

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