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So we said we’d be covering Blacktalon, but the new GHB dropped and I just couldn’t wait to talk about it with you guys. I know we usually wait at least for the FAQ and try to have a little perspective on a book before we discuss it, but there was so much cool stuff here that we just couldn’t wait.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:10:15 – Intro and welcome and voicemail and stuff

0:10:15-0:11:20 – Commercial Break One

0:11:20-0:31:30 – The Toolbox

0:31:30-0:46:30 – GHB 2019 Open and Narrative Play Stuff

0:46:30-0:47:45 – Commercial Break Two

0:47:45-1:24:05 – Matched play stuff

1:24:05-1:25:35 – Commercial Break Three

1:25:35-1:48:00 – Allegiance Abilities and Points 

1:48:00-1:51:30 – Show Close