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We never covered the second edition book. Never thought it was necessary. It’s all general recap and some maps of the realms and nice photos of the models. And then I actually started reading it. And there is cool stuff there! Time to talk core lore, get some geography lessons, and even a lesson in speaking Ogor.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:23:40 – Show Open and toolbox

0:23:40-0:24:40 – Commercial Break One

0:24:40-0:50:05 – A brief history of through the ages and into the soul wars

0:50:05-0:51:40 – Commercial Break Two

0:51:40-1:23:40 – The mortal realms, about six of them

1:23:40-1:24:50 – Commercial Break Three

1:24:50-1:39:50 – The rest of the mortal realms and other thoughts

1:39:50-1:43:00 – Show close and end of show announcement

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