Episode 208 – THW Workbook

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So Alex is on paternity leave and, rather than go it alone (well, with Lindsay) I have Rob Symes from The Honest Wargamer on to talk about his latest project, “The Honest Wargamer Workbook.”

Turns out Rob isn’t the ego-maniacal know-it-all that this project made him sound like! (Relax! He knows I’m teasing. I’d never say he wasn’t an ego maniac!)


Show Index

0:00:00-0:10:00 – Intro and welcome

0:10:00-0:11:00 – Commercial Break One

0:11:00-0:45:30 – The Toolbox

0:45:30-0:46:45 – Commercial Break Two

0:46:45-1:55:45 – The Honest Wargamer Workbook: concpet, intention, and, and starting to deep dive the ideas

1:55:45-1:58:30 – Commercial Break Three

1:5:30-2:58:30 – THW Workbook continued

2:58:30-3:02:00 – Show wrap up and close

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