Episode 205 – Beginnings, Basics, and all those Books

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So on this episode we get back to basics. We have had several requests for this from new and returning players, and after a recent one-day event where several of these questions came up…why not talk about all the stuff that goes on before you actually wind up playing the game. The game may not be too complicated rules-wise, but there are several different things to do to start your game including choosing realms, setting up terrain and determining any special terrain rules, setting up battleplans, placing special objects and objectives, and deploying battalions. There’s just a lot that happens before we actually play and we’ve heard so many people ask “So what do we do next,” and we figured let’s just go through it all.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:12:30 – Intro and welcome

0:12:30-0:13:35 – Commercial Break One

0:13:35-0:45:00 – The Toolbox

0:45:00-0:47:30 – Commercial Break Two

0:47:30-1:29:10 – Playing AoS. Prep, rules, and all the things the happen before you play the game

1:29:10-1:30:30 – Commercial Break Three

1:30:30-1:37:30 – Wrap up, close, and end of show announcement


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