Episode 191 – Idoneth Deepkin Part One – Lore

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So David and Alex deep dive (see what I did there?) into the newest race to join us in the Age of Sigmar, Idoneth Deepkin. No aspect of the lore is ignored here, as they bring the audience up to speed on the children of Teclis the Illuminator. Don’t worry, they will cover the crunchy stuff in later episode. Alex LOVES this army and you will hear the many ways this army can devastate their enemies soon. But for now, it’s time for some Sea-Aelf anthropology!



Show Index

0:00:00-0:11:40 – Intro and welcome

0:11:40-0:13:20 – Dramatic Reading One

0:13:20-0:56:20 – Deepkin Lore part one

0:56:20-0:57:30 – Commercial Break One

0:57:30-1:53:20 – Deepkin Lore part two

1:53:20-1:54:40 – Commercial Break Two

1:54:40-2:34:05 – Deepkin Lore part three

2:34:05-2:35:20 – Commercial Break Three

2:35:20-3:13:00 – Deepkin Lore part four

3:13:00-3:17:00 – Show close and end of show announcement


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