Episode 175 – GHB 2017 Part One

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So this episode has become a bit of a nightmare. We lost the roecrdin to a power outage 45 minutes into the first recording. Then we started again later that night and got it all done and then when I went to edit it there was no file, even though I know I recorded it because I was marking the recording times along the way. So what you are getting is Alex and I getting up super early Saturday morning, August 26 and recording the episode AGAIN, and then me getting it ready and out as quick as I can later the same day.

What’s up for today? Well, as we explain in the beginning, we skip a few things because we didn’t have the stomach to go through them again. Then we jumped into the GHB. We actually got to the exact spot in the book we got to the first time we recorded this, but somehow, even with cutting the voicemail section and the toolbox, the show is actually longer. However, that just means that we spent more time on the book than last time, so you get more meat in this version of the episode than the last one. We cover Everything up to the matched play section and then we dip our feet into that as well, but we don’t get all the way into the allegiances. There is just so much there. We want to give you a chance to look at it as well as take a little more time ourselves before talking about it on the air. So be sure to come back again in two weeks for te second half of this awesome book.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:08:00 – Intro and welcome

0:08:00-0:09:10 – Commercial Break One

0:09:10-0:42:00 – Garagehammer News Network

0:42:00-0:43:15 – Commercial Break two

0:43:15-1:11:45 – GHB 2017 Open Play

1:11:45-1:12:00 – A Quick Visit from the Old World

1:12:00-1:41:45 – GHB 2017 Triumph and Treachery

1:41:45-1:43:45 – Commercial Break Three

1:43:45-2:13:45 – GHB 2017 Narrative Play

2:13:45-2:15:00 – Commercial Break Four

2:15:00-2:48:00 – GHB 2017 Matched play intro

2:48:00-2:52:30 – Show close and end of show announcement




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