Episode 167 – Another SCE Chamber

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So Alex and I talk about all the cool new stuff in the SCE book. This chamber is nothing less than awesome! Of course, before we get to that we go through the voicemail, talk about some listener feedback and also cover the Garagehammer news. We wind up skipping the toolbox for the sake of time, but the new fluff on SCE is wonderful and Alex sees all sorts of ways to abuse them and make his opponents cry. 


Show Index

0:00:00-0:22:40 – Intro, voicemail and listener mail

0:22:40-0:23:40 – Commercial Break One

0:23:40-0:44:30 – Garagehammer News

0:44:30-0:45:40 – Commercial Break Two

0:45:40-1:10:45 – SCE fluff part one

1:10:45-1:12:00 – Commercial Break Three

1:12:00-1:37:25 – SCE fluff part two

1:37:25-1:37:35 – Quick break

1:37:35-2:14:20 – Abilities, artifacts and battalions

2:14:20-2:15:35 – Commercial Break Four

2:15:35-2:43:00 – Warscrolls and their uses

2:43:00-2:48:00 – Show wrap up and end of show announcement

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