Episode 162 – The Avalanche Continues

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So Alex and I get all excited about what’s coming down the pipe from GW as well as all the new stuff that’s already out! Then we talk some hobby before covering the fun we had at Waaaghpaca. Two of three were narrative events where we had fun and pulled off some cool lucky roll awesomeness throughout the weekend! Anyway, we have a lot of fun talking about all the fun we have with AoS.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:05:10 – Intro, welcome, and voice mail

0:05:10-0:06:10 – Commercial Break One

0:06:10-0:24:20 – GH News

0:24:20-0:25:40 – Commercial Break Two

0:25:40-0:59:20 – The Toolbox

0:50:15-0:51:15 – Commercial Break Three

0:51:15-1:48:15 – Waaaghpaca 2017

1:48:15-1:49:10 – Commercial Break Four

1:49:10-2:25:15 – Waaaghpaca 2017 wrapped up with show close


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