Episode 161 – Disciples of Tzeentch

So on this episode I’m joined by Alex again to discuss the new Disciples of Tzeentch book. After the Garagehammer News segment, which is full of some Tzeentchy goodness and a pretty darn cool announcement, we delve into the book. We talk about Tzeentch’s unique fluff and then go into the warscrolls. After that Alex gives us his list building ideas, and we talk about discussing more lists later. I hope you all find this one something you like.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:06:00 – Intro, welcome and voicemail

0:06:00-0:06:50 – Commercial Break One

0:06:50-0:36:15 – Garagehammer News Network

0:36:15-0:37:25 – Commercial Break Two

0:37:25-1:21:25 – DoT fluff discussion part one

1:21:25-1:22:35 – Commercial Break Three

1:22:35-1:57:20 – DoT fluff discussion part two

1:57:20-1:58:20 – Commercial Break Four

1:58:20-2:42:20 – DoT Abilities, Spells, Items and all that goodness

2:42:20-2:43:30 – Commercial Break Five

2:43:30-3:36:00 – DoT Warscrolls

3:36:00-3:37:00 – Commercial Break Six

3:37:00-4:03:00 – Favorite Warscroll Battalions and Alex writes a list and show close


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