So here we are with the final three stories from Tales of Heresy! Today we cover “Call of the Lion,” “The Last Church,” and “After Desh’ea.”

We are still having a great tome with these stories, and we hope you are too. Sorry about the sound quality for Greg. I cleaned it up as best I could, but sometimes Skype just doesn’t care how badly you want your show to sound good.

Also, thanks Kurt Metz for the new artwork for the show banner images.

Stay tuned for some cool info in the next couple of days! Super excited!
Show Index

0:00:00-0:03:15 – Intro and Welcome

0:03:15-0:38:50 – Call of the Lion

0:38:50-0:39:10 – Break

0:39:10-1:24:45 – The Last Church

1:24:45-1:25:05 – Break

1:25:05-2:07:45 – After Desh’ea

2:07:45-2:11:30 – Preview of next episode and show close


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