Episode 157 – Godbeasts

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Happy Thanksgiving you tools!

This year I’m thankful for so many epic Age of Sigmar stories to bring to you! Today Cristian Bayer and I tackle the realm spanning “Godbeasts” as part of our holiday storypalooza! (Which will continue with our Christmas coverage of All Gates.) So you are in store for GH style coverage of both of these books to fill your holiday hobby time!

We had a blast bringing this to you and we even manage to stay on topic today! Well, we do go off on a few things about certain characters or story things, but those are not REALLY tangents. Anyway, you may have heard some coverage of Godbeasts before and you might have even heard some that gave yo uthe story pretty well…but sit back and prepare for Godbeasts the way only Garagehammer brings it to you!







and of course…



Show Index

0:00:00-0:01:40 – Intro Dramatic Reading One

0:01:40-0:07:25 – Welcome to the show

0:07:25-0:09:00 – Commercial Break One

0:09:00-0:40:30 – Godbeasts intro to Ionus and Valkia

0:40:30-0:43:05 – Dramatic Reading Two

0:43:05-1:08:30 – Godbeasts up and through the Crystal Henge

1:08:30-1:10:30 – Commercial Break Two

1:10:30-1:40:45 – Godbeasts up to the Tauroi Archepelago

1:40:45-1:43:25 – Dramatic Reading Three

1:43:25-2:10:05 – Godbeasts and the breaking of Grungni forged chains

2:10:05-2:12:10 – Dramatic Reading Four

2:12:10-2:39:00 – Godbeasts: Ignax freed and the battles at Ghyran

2:39:00-2:41:40 – Dramatic Reading Five

2:41:40-3:15:25 – Godbeasts Ghyran battles and the battle of the Torc

3:15:25-3:17:10 – Commercial Break Three

3:17:10-3:33:00 – Godbeasts conclusion

3:33:00-3:39:40 – Godbeast some warscroll battalions

3:39:40-3:42:15 – Dramatic Reading Six

3:42:15-3:54:20 – Godbeasts some Times of War and Battleplans

3:54:20-3:59:10 – Show wrap up, close and end of show announcement

3:59:10-4:02:00 – Dramatic Reading Seven


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