Episode 154 – New Rules, New Players, and a Brand New Bag

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So in this episode I cover a bunch of stuff. I cover this rules idea that a listener sent me. Well, they tried to explain the value of summoning and that explanation got me thinking about other things and so I gave it some time on the air. After that, I’ve got Romeo from Battlefoam on to talk about the new Freeboota’s Network, a new bag and some other stuff. After that, I have on some new players Mike and Brandon Kassin. That’s right…new players joining our gaming group! All of that in just over two hours!









and of course…



Show Index

0:00:00-0:04:45 – Intro and welcome

0:04:45-0:06:00 – Commercial Break One

0:06:00-0:14:55 – Garagehammer News

0:14:55-0:37:20 – Rules discussion: Summoning

0:37:20-0:38:15 – Commercial Break Two

0:38:15-0:47:40 – The Toolbox

0:47:40-0:48:45 – Commercial Break Three

0:48:45-1:29:25 – Romeo Talks Freebootas Network, new bags and a secret announcement

1:29:25-1:30:35 – Commercial Break Four

1:30:35-1:59:05 – I talk with returning players and the newest members of my gaming group, the Kassin brothers

1:59:05-2:00:05 – Commercial Break Five

2:00:05-2:07:00 – Show close and end of show announcement




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