Episode 153 – How I Got My Groove Back

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So in this episode I’m all by myself and I’m in super pumped love Warhammer more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow mode. Yep, it’s been a while, but I’m all about it! Listen to why I’m so fired up for AoS and how wildly overreaching my hobby plans are!









and of course…



Show Index

0:00:00-0:12:30 – Intro, welcome and voice mail

0:12:30-0:13:50 – Commercial Break One

0:13:50-0:35:15 – Mail Bag and GH News

0:35:15-0:37:00 – Commercial Break Two

0:37:00-0:58:00 – The Toolbox and my first real game with Stormcast

0:58:00-0:59:15 – Commercial Break Three

0:59:15-1:27:00 – I love this hobby and these are my fall and winter plans

1:27:00-1:28:00 – Commercial Break Four

1:28:00-1:36:30 – Wrap up, show close and end of show announcement



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