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So in this episode I take a break from all the book coverage and catch up with the other segments of the show as well as some hobby stuff. Then I thought, why not talk about hobby stuff that isn’t just painting my models, which is pretty much the bulk of what I talk about when I talk about hobby.

So, it’s news and rumors, listener response to my questions from last week, then the Toolbox. I talk about my Stormcast Eternals and how it went following the tutorials. After that I have Reece Robbins on from Frontline Gaming to talk about F.A.T. Mats (hey, they’re an option for your table and I think they’re cool) and the conversation takes an unexpected turn as the guys known for 40K suddenly start gushing about AoS!

Next, Steve Herner comes on to talk about making your own gaming table and some tips on making your own terrain, followed by Alexander Nygard who spent the last 9 months turning the scenarios from 5 monster tomes of The End Times into AoS battleplans. Crazy.

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Show Index

0:00:00-0:12:30 – Opening and hello and discussion of last week’s question plus Patreon announcement

0:12:30-0:13:30 – Commercial Break One

0:13:30-0:28:30 – News and Rumors

0:28:30-0:56:20 – Toolbox

0:56:20-0:57:30 – Commercial Break Two

0:57:30-1:17:30 – Taking Photos of Your Models / Painting your terrain / Talking before having on Reece

1:17:30-1:42:45 – Reece Robbins from Frontline Gaming talks F.A.T. Mats and AoS

1:42:45-1:44:00 – Commercial Break Three

1:44:00-2:14:00 – Table and Terrain talk with Steve Herner

2:14:00-2:15:00 – Commercial Break Four

2:15:00-2:43:30 – Alexander Nygard talks Battletome: The End Times

2:48:00-2:49:00 – Commercial Break Five

2:49:00-2:56:00 – Show Close and End of Show Announcement


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check out Signals From the Frontline on iTunes to hear The 9th Realm

lave base tutorial to go with the F.A.T. Mat: https://www.frontlinegaming.org/2016/04/14/lava-f-a-t-mat-terrain-tutorial/

and of course…



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