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So in this episode I’m joined by my son Harrison, and Alex Gonzalez pops in for the last third of the show! We cover the Sylvaneth Battletome in all the gory Garagehammer detail. It’s four and a half hours of us…mostly me because Harrison is nervous and getting him to talk is like pulling teeth so thank goodness Alex shows up for the last 90 minutes because then there’s real conversations there.

Seriously, this book is amazing, and these models are great and you need to listen to this and get your friends to listen and find your friends who are on the fence and get them to listen so they will come back. It’s that good. So listen.

And if you’re local then please call Unique Gifts and Games and sign up and join us. And while you’re at it, pre-order the General’s Handbook from them and you can pick it up when you show up for the tournament!

Also, tune in next episode for our coverage of All Gates, the final chapter in the Realmgate Wars. The final chapter! This means there is a new story starting. Aelves? Slaanesh? Who knows? This is so exciting!


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Show Index

0:00:00-0:02:25 – Opening dramatic reading

0:02:25-0:13:15 – Intro and welcome and info about my next one day AoS tournament

0:13:15-0:14:20 – Commercial Break One

0:14:20-0:40:30 – Battletome: Sylvaneth – The story of the realm of life up until Alarielle’s rebirth

0:40:30-0:42:25 – Dramatic Reading Two

0:42:25-1:04:30 – More Ghyran history up through Space Timeline

1:04:30-1:05:40 – Commercial Break Two

1:05:40-1:30:30 – The Denizens of the Realm of Life Part One

1:30:30-1:31:45 – Commercial Break Three

1:31:45-1:51:00 – The Denizens of the Realm of Life Part Two

1:51:00-2:01:20 – Time of War and Scenario One of Three

2:01:20-2:02:25 – Commercial Break Four

2:02:25-2:36:50 – Scenarios Two and Three, Allegiance Abilities, Magic Lore and Magical Items

2:36:50-2:38:25 – Dramatic Reading Three

2:38:25-3:34:15 – Warscrolls Part One

3:34:15-3:35:20 – Commercial Break Five

3:35:20-3:55:20 – Warscrolls Part Two

3:55:20-4:13:15 – Warscroll Battalions and Wargrove Warscrolls

4:13:15-4:21:45 – Final Thoughts, Show Close and End of Show Announcement

4:21:45-4:24:00 – Dramatic Reading Four


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