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So in this episode I’m joined by my friends Christian Bayer and Kenny Lull and we talk about Battletome: Fyreslayers. We go cover to cover on this one. The only thing we don’t do is cover every stat on their warscroll. We do indeed talk about every warscroll…we just don’t call out every stat. Otherwise I think we are pretty thorough and we have a good time talking about this book. Of course, it’s Duardin, so why wouldn’t we have fun? Duardin are, by definition, awesome.

Anyway, we had some fun with it and we hope you do too!


Show Index

0:00:00-0:16:15 – Intro and voicemail

0:16:15-0:18:15 – Dramatic Reading One

0:18:15-0:39:15 – Duardin History Part One

0:39:15-0:40:15 – Commercial Break One

0:40:15-1:13:00 – More Duardin History

1:13:00-1:14:30 – Dramatic Reading Two

1:14:30-1:46:25 – The Forces of The Duardin

1:46:25-1:48:25 – Commercial Break Two

1:48:25-2:32:30 – Three stories complete with Battleplans

2:32:30-2:34:15 – Dramatic Reading Three

2:34:15-3:18:50 – The 9 Character Warscrolls of the Duardin

3:18:50-3:20:25 – Commercial Break Three

3:20:25-4:05:30 – The 3 Unit Warscrolls of the Duardin, The Warscroll Battalions, and Duardin Synergies

4:05:30-4:07:50 – Show Close and End of Show Announcement

4:07:50-4:10:00 – After Show Final Dramatic Reading


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