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So Games Workshop generously sent me a copy of Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. I put it together and Harrison and I played and we are here to tell you all about it. It may be a little convoluted as Harrison suddenly got all nervous being the co-host and we generally don’t cover games this way, but if nothing else I think our enthusiasm for this game shines through. It’s kinda awesome.




Show Index

0:00:00-0:08:30 – Intro and welcome

0:08:30-0:12:10 – Commercial Break One

0:12:10-0:34:20 – News and Rumors

0:34:20-0:35:20 – Commercial Break Two

0:35:20-0:50:15 – The Toolbox

0:50:15-0:51:20 – Commercial Break Three

0:51:20-1:21:45 – The Silver Tower Part One

1:21:45-1:23:00 – Commercial Break Four

1:23:00-1:52:50 – The Silver Tower Part Two

1:52:50-1:53:50 – Commercial Break Five

1:53:50-2:01:00 – Wrap up and close and end of show announcement



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