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Episode 136 – GW 2015 Year in Review

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So here I am with friend of the show Cristian Bayer discussing the last 12 months of the hobby with GW.

We start with voicemail and emails! This makes me so happy because we haven’t been getting that many lately.

Next we move to news and rumors…DUARDIN! So of course we talk about this for too long. It’s dwarfs. What do you want form me? Then we follow it up wit the toolbox where we cover the basics and I realize how long we’ve been talking so we just move it along to the main part of the show. I don’t know why these first three sections seem to take an hour for the last few episodes…I guess a lot of new releases coupled with me actually hobbying and playing makes for a bit more to talk about.

The rest of the show breaks down into the following: First we cover the last year’s releases and what we thought of them. Cristian actually saves the day and points out a few releases I missed, but that’s mostly because they were kinda forgettable…so maybe that wasn’t really saving the day? Who knows. I’m just glad He was on the ball because I obviously wasn’t. Next we do our traditional best and worst lists. We talk “bottom three” first, and try to include what we’d do to make them better, but we kinda forgot to do that then went back and did it…and it might have seemed like lip service, but it really wasn’t. I’m just a dope and was starting to clock watch and then forgot. Now, disclaimer, when we get to my #1 on the worst list that goes kinda long. It’s not hate though. I’m just really passionate that this particular worst by no means needed to be a worst and shouldn’t have been and I needed to talk about it. Finally we cover our top three and then wrap up the show.

Thanks again to Cristian for coming on. It’s always fun to have him on as he’s easy going and fun to talk to.



Here’s the links from the email I read to you all:




Show Index

0:00:00-0:26:25 – Intro, welcome, email and voicemail
0:26:25-0:27:15 – commercial break one
0:27:15-0:59:50 – news and rumors and the toolbox
0:59:50-1:01:10 – commercial break two
1:01:10-1:45:20 – GW 2015 year in review
1:45:20-1:46:25 – commercial break three
1:46:25-2:34:00 – our “bottom 3” and how we’d improve them
2:34:00-2:35:00 – commercial break four
2:35:00-3:06:00 – our top 3 of 2015, show close and end of show announcement

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