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Episode 135 – Battletome Seraphon

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On this episode I’m joined by my dear friend Roder of Skull Bros Awesome fame. We start off with an interesting email, then we get into talking about Archaon and his Varangurad in news and rumors. Then in the toolbox we talk about a whole lot of stuff and I think it’s all entertaining so you should too. If you don’t then you obviously lack my wonderful sense of taste…or something like that.

Then it’s on the review of the Battletome Seraphon! I don’t want to spoil the review for you here so let me just say this…we made a promise before recording that we would be honest, and we were. You get to hear what we really think about the book without any editing, censoring, or…anything. Raw review here.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:22:30 – Show intro and welcome and email and stuff
0:22:30-0:23:30 – Commercial Break One
0:23:30-1:15:20 – News and Rumors
1:15:20-1:16:40 – Commercial Break Two
1:16:40-1:51:15 – Seraphon – First Impressions, Fluff and Timeline
1:51:15-1:52:35 – Commercial Break Three
1:52:35-2:36:35 – The Forces of the Seraphon
2:36:35-2:37:40 – Commercial Break Four
2:37:40-2:56:45 – Summoning Units in the game and 8th edition into AoS (9th edition)
2:56:45-2:57:45 – Commercial Break Five
2:57:45-3:51:00 – The Wrath of Azyr, WWX Contest Winner, End of Show Wrap Up and Announcement and After Show Clip

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