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Episode 134 – The Quest For Ghal Maraz

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On this episode I’m joined by Handsome Point Boy Johnny Hastings from the Point Hammered podcast.  He and I cover “The Quest for Ghal Maraz,” the Games Workshop campaign book and the Black Library companion novel. The episode is a little disjointed, because the book tells two stories at once, and we follow the campaign book as that’s the one most people own.

We cover the stories of Vandus Hammerhand and his search for Ghal Maraz and Gardus’s journey through the realm of Nurgle, the into the realm of Ghyran to find Alarielle and reaffirm Sigmar’s alliance with the Queen of the Jade Kingdom.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:08:40 – Show intro and Welcome
0:08:40-0:09:40 – Commercial Break One
0:09:40-0:40:40 – First Impressions and Prelude to Vandus’s quest in Chamon
0:40:40-0:42:05 – Commercial Break Two
0:42:05-1:08:50 – Quest in Chamon up to the Dragonfate Dais
1:08:50-1:09:55 – Commercial Break Three
1:09:55-1:42:15 – Gardus in Nurgle’s Garden and Grymn v. The Dirgehorn
1:42:15-1:43:30 – Commercial Break Four
1:43:30-1:56:45 – The Climb to the Crucible and Holding the Fortress Fast
1:56:45-1:57:25 – Quick Break
1:57:25-2:36:30 – Finding Alarielle and the Aftermath
2:36:30-2:37:20 – Commercial Break Five
2:37:20-3:05:30 – Final Battle for Ghal Maraz, Final Thoughts on the book and Show Close


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