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Episode 129 – AoS and The Gates of Azyr

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For this episode I am joined by my friend Christian Bayer, and together we jump into TWO books! We begin to tackle the first of the large campaign/story books for AoS, the self-titled Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. About 2/3 of the way through we break to cover Black Library’s “The Gates of Azyr” which brings some detail to one of the major opening battles of the Age of Sigmar.

The book itself is a little all over the place, as it jumps from time period to time period in a non-linear fashion, so please forgive us if we seem a bit all over the place. This is also the first time we cover two books at once, but the rather compact tale of the battle for the realmgate of Azyr is a part of the main book so I figured I’d try something different and focus in on that story in the detail it was given, in the actual place it fell in the larger campaign book. I hope you guys like it because it was fun and kind of cool and I wish I’d have been able to do that with the five End Times novels from Black Library that corresponded to the main campaign book.

Anyway, we had fun with it and I do hope you enjoy it. One warning, I wasn’t feeling well the morning we were supposed to record and so I’m on a bit of cold medicine…so near the end I try to hide a few yawns rather ineffectively, and I might not be as sharp as usual, but the show must go on, as they say, so I did my best to keep everything shiny!


Anyway, enjoy!

Show Index

0:00:00-0:02:10 – Opening Reading
0:02:10-0:13:15 – Welcome co-host Christian Bayer and usual beginning of show business
0:13:15-0:15:55 – Second Reading
0:15:55-0:51:00 – Opening thoughts about the book, and some of the Age of Chaos
0:51:00-0:53:00 – Commercial Break One
0:53:00-1:28:45 – Moving on to the Age of Sigmar
1:28:45-1:32:00 – Third Reading
1:32:00-2:14:00 – The Age of Myth
2:14:00-2:16:25 – Fourth Reading
2:16:25-2:59:20 – The Gates of Azyr
2:59:20-3:01:35 – Fifth Reading
3:01:35-3:25:10 – The Scenarios Continue the Story
3:25:10-3:27:10 – Commercial Break Two
3:27:10-3:32:50 – Final Thoughts and End of Show Announcement
3:32:50-3:35:00 – Final Reading

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