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 Episode 126A – GenCon, Battlefoam and WWX

Sponsored by Battlefoam

So David is back from GenCon and he’s talking to Romeo about all things Battlefoam and Wild West Exodus. Now, originally this was going to be part of our traditional “GenCon Interview Episode” but we got a lot of discussions with several people and that episode would have been way too long. Therefore, since Battlefoam has been a sponsor form quite some time, and since the initial 15-20 minutes became almost an hour, we broke up the episode into several parts. This obviously is just Battlefoam and Wild West Exodus.

Sorry that there isn’t the usual introduction, but since this wasn’t originally planned as a stand alone piece, the show just starts as if we are coming back from the commercial. (Plus, the Master Engineer is only contractually obligated to introduce “regular” episodes of Gargehammer and his agent insists that, as an extra episode this falls outside of “regular,” so he’s out for this one.)

Also, stay tuned until the end and find out about the contest so you too could win some wonderful prizes!

Hope you enjoy this, and stay tuned as we will have ANOTHER bonus episode both with Ronnie Renton at GenCon talking all things Mantic, and also with Johnny P (whutupshun!) talking in greater detail about the upcoming Dungeon Saga as well as Kings of War 2nd Edition and the upcoming Warpath Kickstarter! Lots of stuff so stay tuned!


Interested in Wild West Exodus? Then click here to go to their website!

Show Index

0:00:00-0:21:30 – Intro and some talk about Battlefoam including THREE Garagehammer exclusive announcments

0:21:30-0:47:30 – Wild West Exodus and why you should be trying this game!

0:47:30-0:48:30 – Commercial Break

0:48:30-0:51:00 – Contest Info and End of Show Announcement


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