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Episode 125 – Some Options For Yu

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So we still aren’t doing a real AoS episode because we aren’t ready. I know a lot of casts have covered it, but we aren’t racing to do it and jump the gun. I was on vacation and Chris is waiting for me to play. So we are going to play before next episode (from the box) and then give you our thoughts on Age of Sigmar there.

Today we are talking about the bug ugly elephant in the room. What other games are people playing? I know it’s a touchy subject with the seeming exodus from AoS, but if we are honest, a big portion of our community has spent the last six months finding other games while we were sitting around and waiting to see what happened after the End Times. So after announcing a little more about the future of the show, we talk about the BIG alternate game (at least in our area) that we’ve been playing, Infinity. We don’t go into too much about the hard core mechanics, but we talk a little bit of that followed by what might be attractive/unattractive to other Warhammer players.

Don’t take this as play this instead of AoS. Take it as, “This is what we’ve been playing lately while we try to figure out what’s up with AoS.” We’ve always played several games, and while everything is in flux there’s no point in us suddenly trying to hide that we are playing some other games. We figured that, since we are ALL starting a brand new game with AoS (meaning AoS is totally new, not that everyone is playing…) why not talk about our other new games too?



Show Index

0:00:00-0:19:25 – Intro, welcome, voicemail and some other stuff

0:19:25-0:20:25 – Commercial Break One

0:20:25-0:43:00 – News and Rumors (updates about the show’s future, BitS5, new AoS stuff)

0:43:00-0:44:00 – Commercial Break Two

0:44:00-1:18:00 – The Toolbox (building plastics, building metals, our first big game of Infinity)

1:18:00-1:19:15 – Commercial Break Three

1:19:15-1:50:35 – Other Games (Infinity)

1:50:35-1:51:35 – Commercial Break Four

1:51:35-2:19:00 – Other Games Being Picked up by the community, show close and end of show announcement


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