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Episode 123 – Archaon

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So it’s David and Roder again to wrap up the End Times! It’s pretty cool!

Anyway, we cover the whole thing and Roder again does a great job at color commentary. We also announce the winner of the Manticore Club Contest, and I know I promised to have the shirt up when the episode released and to have the links and pictures and stuff here, but I’ll get them on the website soon and I’ll be sure to have them in the show notes for next episode.

I’m sorry to get behind on this, but I actually was incapacitated for a few days and I just don’t have any more time to get this out before I have to leave for Blood in the Sun V!

I’ll be back with you guys in a few weeks, so see you soon!



Show Index

0:00:00-0:00:55 – Big Announcement!

0:00:55-0:02:00 – Opening Reading

0:02:00-0:19:10 – Welcome and initial thoughts and issues

0:19:10-0:21:30 – Second Fluff Reading

0:21:30-0:53:20 – Chapter One part one

0:53:20-0:56:10 – Third Fluff Reading

0:56:10-1:24:15 – Chapter One part two

1:24:15-1:25:55 – First Commercial Break

1:25:55-1:58:25 – Chapter Two part one

1:58:25-2:02:05 – Fourth Fluff Reading

2:02:05-2:17:00 – Chapter Two part two

2:17:00-2:26:50 – Chapter Three part one

2:26:50-2:28:45 – Fifth Fluff Reading

2:28:45-2:47:40 – Chapter Three part two

2:47:40-2:50:45 – Sixth Fluff Reading

2:50:45-3:36:25 – Chapter Four part one

3:36:25-3:38:00 – Second Commercial Break

3:38:00-4:12:35 – Chapter Four part two

4:12:35-4:14:40 – Seventh Fluff Reading

4:14:40-4:37:05 – Chapter Five

4:37:05-4:38:45 – Eighth Fluff Reading

4:38:45-4:50:20 – End of the book and final thoughts along with Manticore Contest Winner

4:50:20-4:58:00 – Final Fluff Reading



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