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Garagegamer 12 – Larry Correia Interview

So any listener to the regular show knows I’ve been a huge fan of Larry Correia for a while now. He’s been “what I’m reading now” in The Toolbox more than any author (outside of stuff I’ve read by GW or Black Library for the show) and many of you have take my advice and picked up Monster Hunter International and The Grimnoir Chronicles. For those of you that haven’t, let me assure you that you are missing out.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to get Larry on the show to talk about his work since I met him at GenCon last August. I finally got my chance this week and, in typical Garagehammer/gamer fashion, it was hard to keep that laser beam focus of a professional interview. In my defense, he’s a really interesting guy! So we started talking about GenCon and gaming, and painting toy soldiers, and finally about writing. Before I knew it we’d been talking for about 40 minutes. Then we talked about the Hugo awards and the Sad Puppies and next thing you know we had been talking for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

I only mention this because we were initially going to talk for about thirty minutes, and Larry was super generous with his time and allowed the show to go long. Seriously, if you’re reading this Larry, you’re a prince. Thank you for your time and I hope the extra time you spent was because you were having a good time and not because you were just too darn polite to say “time’s up.”

So here it is! The whole interview with Larry Correia. As I said, we talk gaming, painting, writing, and alleviating puppy sadness. If you’re a fan of his, this should be a great listen. If you’re not yet familiar with his work, this should totally get you to give it a try.

Here are a few links to Larry’s work:

Monster Hunter Nation (his blog and the go to spot for all things Larry Correia)

Monster Hunter International Series (Amazon)

The Grimnoir Chronicles (Amazon)

Dead Six (Amazon)

Saga of the Forgotten Warrior (Amazon)




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